Here are some of the websites and intranets I've created.  They vary from simple information only sites with just a couple of pages to more complex intranets, multi-media and e-commerce sites.

Rosie Copeland

Designed from scratch, the owner needed an easily maintained site to display her original art and to inform her pupils of up and coming art classes. 

A clean and simple gallery has been used to enhance the beauty of the owner's watercolour paintings and photographs.


Silver Sherpa home page

Silver Sherpa is the home of an independent silver jewellery importer. 

This clean and simple site uses the PayPal shopping cart to make the purchasing experience and site management as easy and familiar as possible. 

The image gallery on the details pages enhances the beauty of the jewellery rather than cluttering up the screen.



Carola Massage homepage

Using the existing graphics created by Ulrich Lenz, this rebuild of an existing site was necessary to resolve browser compatibility issues, improve responsiveness and to allow the owner to edit the information herself.

Video clips, file downloads and integration with social media enhance the user experience on this website.


venusgrove.co.uk homepage

Venus Grove wanted a website to showcase their remarkable musical talents and style.

This is a full media website that includes an image gallery, youtube videos and streaming music tracks.  There are also private pages available to logged in users to help the band members to manage their gigs, contact information and members' calendars.


Raspberry Rascals home page

The Raspberry Rascals site is a fully functional e-commerce website with stock control, shopping costs calculated by weight of products in the shopping basket and delivery and collect in store options.  Full PayPal integration has been implemented.

The site also has feeds from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Mountain Trust is a charitable organisation helping people in Nepal.

For this site, an existing Wordpress theme was adapted for the front page.  The client needed a site that would provide lots of information for potential volunteers with feeds from Facebook and Twitter as well as blogging capabilities for existing volunteers to share their experiences.


Dixon International Group homepage

This rebuild of an existing site was necessary to resolve browser compatibility issues, improve responsiveness and to allow the company staff to edit the information without having to write code.


The company logo and individuals' photos have been removed from this image.

This medium sized business needed to have a central focus point for their staff and managers to go to for information, as well as to implement IT Help Support system functionality.  See more information here on why to have an intranet.

Functionality includes:

  • File sharing is possible via a file library with checkout (file locking) capability and version control
  • Structured forums allow users to communicate on company business and social subjects
  • Project information and work instructions are recorded on user maintained wiki pages
  • Work requests and problem notifications are logged and managed via the Support Desk, which is not restricted to IT but was expanded to imclude any functional area and grouped and assigned accordingly
  • A calendar allows users to share upcoming events
  • The company holds a lot of internet domains and needed a central location to store information about these domains e.g. names, providers, expiry dates
  • News items and articles of general interest are created and shared
  • A simple meeting booking system is included which allows users to choose their preferred date and time from a list provided by the meeting requestor.  Results are recorded for all attendees to see and the requestor can select the best date and time for all attendees.  This saves a lot of email traffic over the original method of arranging meetings.

Some areas of the intranet are restricted by user role to maintain privacy and confidentiality where required.  

This intranet is available to company members only.

Regulatory Affairs homepage

This client needed a simple website that is easy to manage and maintain.  The ability to create articles on the fly and have a live Twitter feed were the essential elements.